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Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque
Food, Culture & History

Food, Culture & History

11 days | 10 nights

Start In Jerusalem
End In Ramallah
included Cities
Minimum 6 pax Maximum 25 pax

Discover the authentic taste of the Holy Land

We’ll take you from Jerusalem to Tiberius, Haifa, Jaffa, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Ramallah, and to many more exciting cities. You’ll stroll in old market places and eat in locals’ homes. This is the perfect tour to quench the thirst of the curious!

  • Round Trip Transfer from Ben Gurion Airport /Allenby Bridge to Hotel
  • 10 Nights’ Hotel Accommodation at Selected Hotels
  • directions_bus Air Conditioned Deluxe Motor Coach
  • local_dining 10 Breakfasts | 4 Lunches | 7 Dinners
  • headset_mic English Speaking Guide
Tour Highlights
  • Ten nights in five amazing cities: two nights Jerusalem, two night in Tiberias, one night Haifa, two night Bethlehem, one night in Jericho, two night in Ramallah
  • Iconic historical buildings, holy sites, colorful old markets, sandy beaches, and you’ll  get to swim in the deepest Salt Lake in the world.
  • Taste Palestinian wine & beer at the Taybeh Brewery. 
  • Meet friendly locals and learn more about their daily life and authentic culture
  • What’s on the menu? Plenty of local delicacies, here’s an overview: Food Crawl in Ramallah; you will stroll through the city and taste mouthwatering street food.  A meal in a local’s home; you’ll get to taste the dishes that aren’t on restaurant’s menus.Olive oil tasting tour and a cooking class for a Palestinian dish in Jenin.
What is not included? Air ticket, Tips, porterage, drinks and beverages (also during meals), any other services, which are not mentioned in this program.
Nativity Church
Itinerary, Let’s Get to the Details
  1. Day 1 Saturday: Tel Aviv Airport – Jerusalem (D)

    Arrival and direct transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to your hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.



  2. Day 2 Sunday: Jerusalem (B,D)
    • Local energizing breakfast after which we pick you up from the hotel between 08:30 – 09:00 AM
    • Dome of the Rock & Al Aqsa Mosque: Through Mughrabi gate, we’ll enter the Noble Sanctuary, where many exciting and holy buildings await. We’ll be able to get a view of the Western Wall.
    • Via Dolorosa & the Church of the Holy Sepulcher: On our way to the church of the Holy Sepulcher, we’ll walk on the same path that Jesus walked to the site of his crucifixion and resurrection.
    • Lunch:  Jerusalem’s Hummus and Falafel would definitely be a highlight for the day, as it is Jerusalem’s most celebrated Street Food(Optional)
    • The Four Quarters of the Old City: You’ll experience four different cultures, culinary delights and atmospheres; the Muslim, the Christian, the Jewish and the Armenian.  All in one old city. All in one afternoon.
    • Old Market: Strolling in the old market of the old city is one of the most authentic experiences you can get. It has a bustling vibe and is filled with colors, fresh produce, handcrafts and traditional vibes.
    • Dinner | Local’s home We have a special dinner planned for you! On this night, you’ll get to eat a home cooked- meal in a local’s home. You’ll finally get know the everyday life and customs of Palestinians, and taste the dishes that aren’t on restaurant’s menus.


  3. Day 3 Monday: Jerusalem –Tiberias (B,D)
    • Mount of Olives: We’ll start the day on top of the mount, where a splendid panoramic view of East and West Jerusalem awaits. As we descend from the Mount of Olives we’ll stop at various holy and historical sites including the Church of all Nationsthe Tomb of Virgin Mary and Dominus Flevit, a beautiful church hidden on the slope.
    • Lunch: Local, delicious and at one of Jerusalem’s finest (optional)
    • Rockefeller Archaeological Museum: This remarkable museum is a great opportunity to explore Palestinian life, culture and history.
    • Mount Zion: As the sun sets, we’d be on top of Mount Zion, where we can visit the last supper room and go on the balcony of St.Petrus Callicantu Church. There you’ll find a powerful atmosphere and unbeatable views.
    • Ride to Tiberias: Dinner & overnight at the hotel.
  4. Day 4 Tuesday: Tiberius (B,LD)
    • The Mount of Beatitudes: The site, which overlooks the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, is one of the most beautiful and serene places in the Holy land. It is believed to be where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.
    • Boat Tour in the Sea of Galilee: This is one of the most beloved activities in Tibarias. The boat ride is fun and refreshing, and you’ll get an amazing view of the Golan Heights.
    • Lunch: for lunch, you could have authentic sea food at one of Tibaria’s most renowned restaurants.
    • Capernaum: This is an archaeological fishing village that is believed to be the hometown of Saint Peter. It is one Tiberius’s most celebrated sites. And you’ll get to experience it.
    • Tabgha: The site, on which two beautiful ancient churches stand, is famous for Jesus’s miracle of Multiplication. The beautiful Church of Multiplication forms a splendid display of early Christian mosaic and St Peters Church is famous for a ceiling shaped like an upturned boat. These are certainly architectural wonders.
    • Dinner & overnight in Tibarias:  After dinner, you can spend the evening walking by the beautiful shores of the lake or exploring the exciting market in the city.
  5. Day 5 Wednesday: Tiberius – Nazareth – Haifa (B,D)
    • Cana & the Wedding Churches: On our way from Tibarias to Nazareth, we’ll stop by the miraculous site where Jesus turned water into wine. There is a beautiful church standing there. It is certainly something to marvel at.
    • Church of Annunciation:  The Church is beautiful and it is considered one of the Nazareth’s most holy sites. This is where Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would soon be with child.
    • Ride to Haifa:  This ride is around 40 KM, a great chance to rest before Haifa.
    • Lunch in Haifa: Haifa is famous for its many culinary delights and authentic Mediterranean specialties. There’re wonderful and you’ll get to try them. (optional)
    • Baha’i Shrine: Definitely a must visit in Haifa.  The 19 majestic terraced gardens are located on the slopes of Carmel Mountain. Besides experiencing the captivating nature, you’ll get a bird’s eyes view of the city and the sea.
    • German Colony & Ben-Gurion Street: The street life in Haifa is one of the most beloved in region. In order to allow you to experience it fully, we’ll spend the evening exploring the German Colony, which is one of Haifa’s most popular neighborhoods.
    • Dinner & overnight in Haifa: We’ll end our day with some delicious food and great night views of the city.
  6. Day 6 Thursday: Haifa – Acre – Caesaria – Jaffa – Bethlehem (B,D)
    • Moring ride to from Haifa to Akko: After breakfast, we embark on this short 25 kilometer ride, during which you’ll witness the beautiful landscapes of the region.
    • Akko: We’ll start exploring this legendary city by walking along these along its defensive fortifications that were able to stop Napoleon Bonaparte’s army. After enjoying a panoramic skyline of Acre, we’ll dive into the old city and Ahmed el- Jazzar’s Citadel that houses the Museum of Underground Prisoners.
    • from there, we’ll continue to the beautiful Bahje Baha’i Center, and Hamam Al Pasha Musuem, a previous Turkish Bath. Then you can move on to the beautiful Juxtaposition of red and white in St. John’s Church and visit the Acre Harbour and maybe rent a boat for a tour in the Mediterranean. 
    • Lunch in Akko: In Akko, many exciting, delicious food will you. And we’ll make sure you try the city’s most beloved dishes.  (optional)
    • Caesaria: The city is captivating and constitutes a perfect blend of ancient architecture and the refreshing feel of the sea. It exists on the shoreline of the Mediterranean and it’s filled with attractions like the Caesarea National Park, the Herodian Amphitheatre and Bathhouse and Promontory Palace.
    • Port of Jaffa & Old City: Jaffa isn’t called the ‘Bride of the sea’ for no reason. The port is one of the oldest, most captivating ports around the world. And the alleys of the old city are beautiful and filled with old shops, cafés, galleries and bookstores.
    • Tel Aviv: We’ll drive through the city, so that you get a glimpse of its alluring cosmopolitan vibe.
    • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Bethlehem
  7. Day 7 Friday: Bethlehem (B,D)
    • Walk in Battir: You’ll spend the morning experiencing one of the most beloved hiking sites in Palestine.  This Unesco World Heritage Site is a series of scenic agricultural valleys with stone terraces. It’s a wonderful place for a short, 2 hour, morning walk and a great chance to learn about Palestine’s agriculture.
    • Pools of Solomon: The site consists of a little gem of pine-hidden pools.
    • Lunch: You’ll try one of the culinary delights of this holy city (optional)
    • Separation Wall:  The contested eight-meter-high barrier that is covered with murals and graffiti, provides great insight on Palestinian daily life.
    • Church of Nativity: The site where Jesus was born is definitely the highlight of Bethlehem. And of course, we wouldn’t miss this spiritual wonder.
    • Shepherds Field: These are the ancient caves where the shepherds kept watch over their flock, and where the birth of Jesus is believed to have been announced.
    • Dinner: What better way to end the day than with an authentic Arabic dinner.
    • Overnight in Bethlehem
  8. Day 8 Saturday: Bethlehem – Jericho – Dead Sea – Bethlehem (B,L)
    • Ride from Bethlehem to Jericho: During the 30 Km ride, you’ll be able to see spectacular desert views.
    • Makam Al Nabi Mousa: This historic site, which lies on our way to Jericho, is believed to be the shrine of Prophet Moses. It consists of a beautiful colorful mosque with a towering minaret that overlooks the impressive Jordan Valley.
    • Monastery of Temptation & Wadi Qelt: There you’ll find splendid views of the Monastery where Jesus spent 40 days fasting and meditating. You’ll also witness Palestine’s finest natural reserve, Wadi al Qelt. This would be a great chance to experience a blend between Palestine’s history and nature.
    • Hisham’s Palace: This unique mosaic paved Omayyad Palace is known for its unique Architecture and the ‘tree of life mosaic’. One of the sites that can’t be missed when in Jericho.
    • Qumran:  The site where the Dead Sea scrolls where found, constitutes a wonderful blend of the historical, holy and natural.
    • Lunch: We’ll be having lunch by the Dead Sea. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.
    • Dead Sea: You’ll get to swim in the deepest Salt Lake in the world and use its famous minerals and mud for skin exfoliation and natural healing. The perfect end for the day!
    • Overnight in Jericho
  9. Day 9 Sunday: Bethlehem – Ramallah (B,L)
    • Ride from Jeriho to Ramallah: The ride is around 30 km, and is a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of Palestinian Villages and Landscapes. 
    • Mahmoud Darwish Museum: We will begin exploring Ramallah by visiting this renowned museum, which was built in honor of the cherished Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish.
    • Yaser Arafat Museum:  This museum was built in honor of the late Palestinian leader. It is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Palestine’s political history. 
    • Food Crawl: On this walking Tour, you’ll get to taste the most famous Palestinian dishes at the most renowned local places. We’ll walk in the old downtown and hop from one shop to another. We’ll take you to the city’s hidden havens for Shawarma, Hummus, Falafel, kaa’k, Palestinian barbecue & Salads and Mana’esh. You’ll also get to try a variety of traditional desserts along with some Arabic coffee. And for the lovers of fresh fruits and vegetable and authentic atmospheres, the traditional vegetable market with its bustling atmosphere would be waiting for you.
    • Panoramic views and wine tasting in Taybeh. This small village perched high above the Judaean Hills overlooks the Judaean Desert, the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea.  Named “The Goodly” for the warmth of its inhabitants, it provides you with the opportunity to meet locals, and to taste Palestinian wine & beer at the Taybeh Brewery. 
    • Free night: Ramallah is renowned for its bustling nightlife, something you’ll be able to experience at one of Ramallah’s most loved Venues.
    • Overnight at the hotel in Ramallah.


  10. Day 10 Monday: Ramallah - Jenin – Nablus – Ramallah (B,L)
    • Ride from Ramallah to Jenin: The ride is around 100km, a wonderful opportunity for morning views for Palestinian landscape and villages.
    • Jenin: Here you will get an unforgettable experience in olive tree fields and taste some of world’s best olive oil. You’ll also meet the farmers and learn from them about organic farming.
    • Lunch: On this day, we’ll meet with a local resident and learn how to prepare a Maftoul dish, the same way it has been done for generations. This is a Palestinian much loved delicacy.
    • Ride from Jenin to Nablus: After a local refreshing lunch, we’ll embark on a 45Km journey to Nablus.
    • Nablus: The old market is filled with local vendors selling all kinds of local food and handicrafts. After we show you around the marketplace, we’ll take you to a local soap manufacture where you’ll see and learn how olive oil soap is made. The process is fascinating and has been passed down through generations. Lastly, the tour will conclude with the beloved Palestinian sweet ‘Kunafeh’. It would be the best treat before we head back to Ramallah.
    • Ride from Nablus to Ramallah: perhaps this would a good opportunity to rest before going for a night out in Ramallah.
    • Free night: Experience the nightlife at one of Ramallah’s most loved Venues
  11. Day 11 Tuesday: Departure (B)

    We’ll bid you farewell and take you to the Airport/Allenby.

Where will you stay?
  1. Superior & Tourist Hotels
    Golden Crown Nazareth

    Golden Crown Nazareth


    The Golden Crown Nazareth Hotel is located alongside the Mount of Precipice, overlooking the Jezreel Valley. The hotel is located close to the most famous and important sites in Nazareth and is used as a good basis for excursions and visits to historic sites of the Galilee and northern Israel.

    Ron Beach

    Ron Beach

    Located on the Sea of Galilee Shore

    It is located at one of the most beautiful spots in the area – the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The hotel has private beach and first-class facilities for tourists from all over the world. All the rooms at Ron Beach Hotel observe on spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and to the snow-covered Mount Hermon. The hotel offers a swimming pool, a fitness center, private beach, souvenir shop, basketball court, sports facilities, cafeteria, playground and beautiful nurtured garden.

    Jericho Resort Village

    Jericho Resort Village

    Jericho city

    Located 6 km from The Monastery of Saint Gerassimos, Jericho Resort Village offers 24-hour reception, laundry facilities and ironing service. Jericho Resort Village comprises of 104 rooms. The rooms at this hotel are fitted with a heating system, pay television and a wardrobe. Some of these rooms also benefit from a mountain view. They come with an electric kettle, a dishwasher and a fridge as well as bathrooms with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer.


    Millennium Palestine Ramallah

    Millennium Palestine Ramallah


    The Millennium Palestine Ramallah is located in one of the most vibrant cities in Palestine. In a place where historic and religious sites capture the eye you will find our exquisite hotel. Come for business and stay for pleasure with our unmatched services that are part of the hotel’s legacy. Combined with a modern yet subtle structure, a sumptuous culinary experience and state-of-the-art banquet and meeting facilities, any affair will be truly memorable. Whatever the reason of your stay, our hospitality will accompany you throughout your stay.

    St Gabriel Bethlehem

    St Gabriel Bethlehem

    5 stars

    Saint Gabriel Hotel is located in Bethlehem, seven minutes away from the Nativity Church. It includes 134 Luxurious Rooms with balconies overlooking breathtaking views. The hotel also features 2 restaurants, a 24-hour fitness center, and a 24-hour business center.

    Ibis Jerusalem City Center Hotel

    Ibis Jerusalem City Center Hotel

    Jerusalem City Center

    Located on Zion Square, in the heart of Jerusalem's city center, the modern Hotel is just a minute away from Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall, the tram station, and is an ideal base for exploring and enjoying Jerusalem's important sites. 0.9KM to Jaffa Gate and the Old City, Nahalat Shiv'a District, Mamilla Avenue, vibrant Machane Yehuda Market and an abundance of New and Old City Attractions and Museums.

Tour accommodation will be in the hotels listed above or similar.
Optional Tours for Food, Culture & History

Explore, Shop, Hike, Eat, Dance

With our culinary, cultural, hiking, shopping and political tours, you’ll be able to explore Palestine unlike any other tourist. We take you beyond guidebook experiences and introduce you to everyday life in Palestine.

The optional tours available for this program are:

The booking request form for our optional tours will follow to your email as soon as your booking request is confirmed.
Jerusalem night
Jordan Extended Tours

Jordan’s Delights

If you’re already in the area and would like to visit our neighbor, Jordan, don’t shy away! We’ve prepared some tours especially for that. Our pre or post-travel tours are your chance to get a taste of the remarkable Jordan.

Here are our Extended Tours to Jordan:

Both programs could be customized as per your request.
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